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Before you contact us, please make sure you understand what OneLife Japan is all about, and what you can expect from one of our tours. We are NOT simply a cheaper version of Butterfield and Robinson.

  1. We do not have International five-star hotels. We have comfortable, beautiful countryside accommodation.
  2. We do not guaranty air-conditioning at every stop.
  3. Even the easy rides have some challenge.
  4. There are often changes in the itinerary due to customers' abilities and attitude, as well as daily life needs and schedules of the people who have graciously agreed to share their time with you.
  5. This is a family run business. We have a young daughter. On rare occasion, she may join.
  6. Please do not consider us guides, rather think of us as facilitators. We will show you everything we can, but you will find even more the further you step out of your comfort zone to for some exploration on your own.
  7. We do not have cookie-cutter tours where everything goes according to plan and on schedule. We offer you a glimpse of what life is like in the countryside, and share our knowledge and experience with you.

If you understand and agree to these points, please contact us and we would love to make an experience for you.

We like to know who is registering, and what you are really interested in - in case we can offer you a tour you might like even better so if you have decided, or are just thinking about it, please send us an email with the following information:

  • The Dates you expect to be in Japan
  • The Tour your are interested in
  • The maximum and minimum days you have for bike touring in Japan
  • Your main interest (history, culture, food, scenery, nature, etc.)
  • Your age and physical activity level (biking / hiking experience)
  • Can you speak Japanese?
  • Your name & contact information

Phone* +81-(0)90-3337-3248

*Please Note: We are based in Japan. If you are calling from the other side of the world, we are happy to accommodate your time-zone - but we may be a little disoriented when we first pick up. :)

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We believe in A Better Way

One Life Japan's goal is to promote the recognition and exploration of possibility - the possibility within ourselves and within society to create a better life.

Possibility is born with an awareness and understanding of the whole process of life - its vast expanse with all its subtleties, with its extraordinary beauty, its sorrows, its joys, and its challenges. This understanding is the first step to cultivating the capacity to think freely without culturally learned fears and formulas, to begin to answer for oneself what is real, and what is true.

We make use of the uniqueness, contrasts, and beauty of Japan's culture, nature, and history to introduce a holistic view, promoting an awareness of complexity, ecology, culture, and self.