How Hard is It Going To Be?

We organise trips for all levels, from avid bikers, to familes and couples with different limits. We have even had an eight year old learn to ride on one of our trips!

Please Keep In Mind...

We want you to have the trip that fits you best. With that in mind, there are three things we want you to take into consideration regarding how "hard" the trip will be:

Japan is a mountainous country - and many level areas are more urban (with more cars). This means that getting off the beaten track often requires conquering a few hills, but we try plan the course to take advantage of the terrain where we can - often starting as high as possible and use gravity to assist.

We believe in challenge and we aim to provide active, countryside experiences that help our customers savor their One Life. And, we believe it is possible for anyone to sucessfully ride or hike any of our trips. We encourage everyone to challenge themselves, to do something they never thought they would... in the end the choice is yours, but believe us, the ride up makes the downhill that much more exhilerating.

Relax or Ride

Bike or walk only as much or as little as you like. The average is 30 to 50 km a day, mostly level or downhill, with a few short up-hills to climb. Optional extended rides are always available for more altitude and views.

This trip is ideal for diverse groups or families with conflicting interests. Maybe mom wants to ride over a mountain, the kids are worn out, and dad's a little saddle sore. No problem. With a variety of terrain and other cultural activities available (not to mention the support van), no one has to do more than they feel like to, but there are still enough challenges for those who are looking for it. These are generally the most flexible trips in terms of schedule to accomodate sore butts and jet lag, as well as differing oppinions about what makes "the perfect bike trip".

Work Up A Sweat

Averaging 40 to 65 km a day sometimes on mountain roads, these trips are planned to maximize downhill riding. Most people who join these only remember the exhilerating downhill cruises. Of course, the One Life van is usually on hand, but the sake tastes better and the hot-spring bath is hotter when you push yourself.

Challenge Yourself

50 to 100 km a day on mountain roads including a few steep climbs and descents that stand in the way of you and your hot sake. Some trips include 3-5 hour hikes on steep terrain - nothing "extreme", but past adventurers have reported sore muscles. This is a great trip if you are pampered-out and need to be reminded that life is not always as easy as a pool-side beach chair.

Prove Something

80 to 120 km a day over steep mountain passes with hours of spectacular scenery. These trips allow a great combination of urban, rural, mountain and coastline.

This trip is great for anyone who can't take another day sitting behind a desk, and you've got something to prove to yourself and world. You need not be an avid biker (we have taken ten-year-olds), but you have to understand pleasure spiked with pain.

And Remember...

No matteer what, keep in mind that you can always ride... in the van. :)

OLJ Programs & Tours

We believe in A Better Way

One Life Japan's goal is to promote the recognition and exploration of possibility - the possibility within ourselves and within society to create a better life.

Possibility is born with an awareness and understanding of the whole process of life - its vast expanse with all its subtleties, with its extraordinary beauty, its sorrows, its joys, and its challenges. This understanding is the first step to cultivating the capacity to think freely without culturally learned fears and formulas, to begin to answer for oneself what is real, and what is true.

We make use of the uniqueness, contrasts, and beauty of Japan's culture, nature, and history to introduce a holistic view, promoting an awareness of complexity, ecology, culture, and self.